For the Love of Cupcake strives to go above and beyond in the level with which it incorporates a palpable feeling of compassion, mindfulness and inclusivity in all aspects of its mission.  

With your help, we can help create a global community that is genuinely passionate about providing children with the resources necessary to thrive and flourish.

About the Foundation

For the Love of Cupcake, established in 2021, is a foundation created in loving memory of our five-year-old daughter, Arianna “Cupcake” Ganjei.  We could not have been more honored to be her parents and be witnesses to the miracles she brought to us as she continued to defy all expectations and inspire those around her every single day.

We understand that there are limited resources for children like Arianna and have established this foundation to enhance the lives of children with various unmet needs.  By doing so, we hope to spread the love our little girl brought to the world.

Our Mission

Inspired by our daughter, For the Love of Cupcake aims to enable and empower children to find novel ways to master their environment and begin to discover what their strengths and passions truly are, in spite of any limitations they may be facing.

As a family that seeks to improve the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of our global environment, it is our hope that For the Love of Cupcake will serve as an ever-evolving foundation to allow for children to know their value as individuals and the impact they can make on their community by giving back and paying it forward.

We evaluate opportunities for providing assistance on a case by case basis and seek to develop a solution that will support as many people as possible with each charitable gift. As such, we also evaluate funding medical research and development that could have a greater impact on children who currently are without diagnosis or therapeutic options. We look forward to providing quarterly updates on the specific causes this foundation chooses to fund and the impact that your contributions will have made.

About Arianna

Arianna “Cupcake” Ganjei was born with an undiagnosed medical condition that led to immense challenges, but in her short time with us she brought more joy and love than we could have ever hoped for.  The challenges she overcame in her almost six years of life were truly remarkable. 

Unfortunately, Arianna, who had no prior medical history of seizures, experienced an unexpected and extremely severe seizure in 2020 that led to her passing two weeks later.  We continue to mourn her loss each day and hold on to the precious moments we were so blessed to share with her. 

Our hope is that For the Love of Cupcake will serve as a continuation of the journey we began with Arianna by providing children with the necessary support they so deserve.

Make a Donation

The intention of For the Love of Cupcake is to foster opportunities for children to gain access to resources otherwise inaccessible to them in order to become the very best versions of themselves by achieving practical life skills, confidence in their abilities, and an appreciation for their uniqueness.

Contributions of any amount would be deeply appreciated. If you would like to pay offline, please make checks payable to “For the Love of Cupcake” and mail them to For the Love of Cupcake, 9711 Washingtonian Blvd, Suite 550 Gaithersburg, MD 20878. For online donations, please click on the link below.

Donate here

To provide contributions through wire transfers, stock assets or donor-advised funds, please contact us at ContactUs@cupcake.love or call (202) 888-0523.

For the Love of Cupcake is a 501(c)(3) foundation and all donations are tax deductible. Once payment is confirmed, you will be issued a receipt as your official record for tax purposes.